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Following are just some of the comments submitted by patients of Dr. Smith's Headache Treatment Center.

“Dr. Smith is up to date with all the new techniques. I was very impressed with the dramatic changes to my nose and how I felt in a short period of time. I was able to go back to work one week after surgery. My migraine-type headaches are gone and my sinuses have improved. The nice thing is that the Septoplasty is covered through my insurance.”

“I’ve always been told I don’t look my age but now people are saying I look more rested and not tired. Dr. Smith’s confidence put me at ease through my surgery.”


"I read an article in the Texas Medial News about Dr. Kevin Smith in Houston, Texas. I made an appointment...Dr. Smith performed surgery to correct a deviated septum, turbinate hypertrophy and sinusitis. Since then I have had few headaches, but nothing like the cluster headaches I had before."


"Since my operation in October 2002 to correct my deviated septum, headaches have no longer dominated my life. My severe headaches are gone. I hope by writing this letter, I can assist you in heightening awareness of this procedure, so other people can benefit as I did."


"I believe Dr. Smith has made my one wish come true. I cannot thank him enough for saving my quality of my life and my career."


"We are truly grateful to Dr. Smith for his research and his overall mission to develop a method of relief of chronic severe migraine headaches."


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