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Many people, mostly women, cringe when they hear the word. As many as 30 million individuals suffer from crushing, head-splitting pain on an almost daily basis. This impacts not only their lives, but the lives of their families and friends.


How many hours or days are lost to these kinds of headaches? How many relationships are destroyed? What if a simple 20 minute procedure could relieve or lessen the pain?


Dr. Kevin Smith successfully treats one misunderstood cause of severe headaches, the deviated septum. Typically caused by trauma, the shifted position of the wall-like structure creates bone spurs, which can contact sensitive nasal structures and trigger migraine-like headaches.


Unfortunately, migraines and migraine-like headaches are a mostly misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition. Doctors who suspect migraines often rely on drug regiments for pain management–treatments that can be ineffective, and in some cases, dangerous.


Dr. Smith wants to break this cycle by raising awareness that a deviated septum can cause severe headache pain, and urge patients to insist on a CT scan of the sinuses as a routine part of their diagnosis.


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