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“I suffered with sinus problems and headaches for most of my adult life. I had surgery on Friday and stayed in bed all weekend and was back to work on Monday because I work for CPA firm and this is our busy season. I am extremely happy with the results of the surgery and would recommend it to anyone suffering as badly as I was.”


“I haven’t been able to breathe forever…it seems like of my 46 years 45 have been unable to breathe through my nose. I like to play basketball with the older guys and can finally play to my full potential. WOW! Thanks, Dr. Smith


“When I finally went to Dr. Smith’s I was so frustrated with the congestion and constant pressure in my head. My whole face hurt. He was able to diagnosis that I had a deviated septum and also a bone spur, obviously the reason for all the congestion and pressure. After so many years of agony I am finally pain free. The balloon sinuplasty absolutely made me feel human again!”


“I am a nurse and take care of people everyday so I finally decided I needed to take care of me. I had my surgery three months ago and don’t know why I waited so long. The surgery only took Dr. Smith about 45 minutes and I feel fantastic. I would recommend to everyone suffering from chronic sinusitis this amazing sinus surgery”


“The facial pain and pressure made me pass out….literally. I am so glad to report no more black outs. That is a good thing since I play high school football and need to be at the top of my game.”


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